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June 19, 2011
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Nue by omupied Nue by omupied
Commission for ~Phanthera-Spelaea

Character name: Chimaéra Nué

★ Her name Nué refers to a legendary creature found in the Japanese folklore who's described like a chimera having the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger
and a snake tail. The Nué is said to be able to transform itself into a black cloud and fly. They are supposed to bring misfortune and illness. This is how our lady loves to present herself to the enemies.

Grown chained together to her younger brother in a small wardrobe, having as only view their mother being raped by their father on only bed there was in the piece, Chimaéra had since a long time developed a hatred towards the man. When at the age of 15, her mother dies of illness, Chimaéra knew she'll be her father's next toy. Using the small opportunity when the man separated them, and her strength of survival, Chimaéra escaped, promising her brother to come back to get him out of there.
Once under the sky of freedom, Chimaéra quickly adapted herself to street life. She often spend her time with alley cats, becoming one of them in mind when it comes to escape and survive. Lead by her instinct her path soon crosses with the one of the twins who became her first allies of a long list to come, all linked together by fate.
Two years after her escape from her inner hell, Chimaéra went back to keep her promise and get her brother back, killing at the same time the one she had since a long time considered as the poison of her life.

(Copyright by ~Phanthera-Spelaea)

Im feel so honored to be able draw this character, she is Phantera Team leader.

Thanks to :iconarchie-the-redcat: for helping.

Painter IX
Thanks for viewing.
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Absolutely beautiful 
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Really beautiful art! I really like the way how you can tell that she's a tough girl by only looking at this beautifully drawn girl.
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excellent work.
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